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Museums are economic ventures and must find ways for it to be financially sustainable.- Prof. Pasquale Scandizzo, University of Rome

Among the many issues discussed, this was the thought that the board of directors of the Palawan Museum explored during their annual board of directors meeting last  December 28, 2008. This was shared by the newly-designated Cultural Officer of the Palawan Museum, Jocelyn Fabello, who has just finished the second phase of her masters degree on cultural projects for development in Italy.


The Palawan Museum is currently owned and managed by the Natural and Historical Foundation of Palawan and the City of Puerto Princesa Incorporated. Although the members and the board of directors of the museum are established people in the province of Palawan, funding and earning income are still issues that the Palawan Museum are addressing due to the decline of public interest in museums in the Philippines and the lack of continuity and assurance in public funds.


The board of directors agreed during the meeting to assign a new membership head who shall be in charge of getting more people involved to the foundation and the museum,  to assign a team who shall be responsible in creating a new business plan for the museum and in sourcing for possible donors , to produce tarpaulin streamers of the museum strategically placed at the airport and wharf of Puerto Princesa, to renew and revive its ties with tour operators and schools and to continue the website for the Palawan museum. 


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There are countless ways to help the Palawan museum in realizing its vision and in fulfilling its role to the Palawan community. For the year 2009, the Palawan Museum’s board of directors agreed that they have to be able to find a way for the museum to fulfill its social role to the community and at the same time find a way for it to be independent of public funds and to be financially sustainable.


By sharing your learnings from your visit to the Palawan museum and also by answering our online polls/surveys below, you already automatically become our partner in fulfilling our role to our community locally and internationally.


If you are interested in investing or donating to the museum, please contact us at +6348-433-2963. The museum is owned by a foundation so donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Through simple word-of-mouth advertisement about the museum and by subscribing, commenting and sharing this site, you are helping the museum in letting the public become aware of our existence and the exhibits that we have.


Availing our basic services, using the museum’s space for your exhibits and purchasing products that the museum are selling are highly appreciated by the museum and are also considered as your simple way of showing your support to the museum. For that, we thank you for your visit and we hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot.

 For further inquiries, you can send a letter addressed to:

Dra. Nellie Fabello-Abueg
Chairman of the Board
Natural and Historical Foundation of Palawan
and the City of Puerto Princesa, Inc.
Palawan Museum
Old City Hall Building, Mendoza Park
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

or call +6348-433-2963.


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Palawan Museum
Old City Hall Building, Mendoza Park
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
+6348.433 2963


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The focal point of this section is the Manunggul burial jar carbon-dated to the late Neolithic Period. The cover features a ship of the dead with 2 oarsmen. This is the only jar of this period that has been recovered intact therefore it has been declared a National Cultural Treasure. This is also the logo of the Palawan Museum.

Manunggul Jar

Other features of this section include jars from the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) recovered from land and underwater excavations in Southern Palawan and blue and white porcelain from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).


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The Museum’s ethnological exhibits showcase cultural materials from the paraphernalia of a significant ritual like the Pagdiwata of the Tagbanua to ordinary tools, fishing and hunting equipment baskets, woven out of indigenous materials colored with natural dyes that retain their color even under the heat of the sun.

The Pagdiwata Ritual of the Tagbanua Group of People

Another featured sub-section is the part of the exhibit of Nicole Revel-Mcdonald at the Cultural Center of the Philippines titled Pananw Palawan. This exhibit focuses on the oral tradition of the Palaw’an highlighting various aspects of their cultural life.

 Palaw'an Literature