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At the first floor of the Palawan Museum is its shop area where native handicrafts and accessories  are sold. Palawan T-shirts and Hard-to-Find Books About Palawan are also available. The items for sale at the Palawan Museum can be ordered online but prices in this site are exclusive of delivery charges.



PUERTO PRINCESA during the SECOND WORLD WARPuerto Princesa during the Second World War
A Narrative History (1941-1945)- PHP 500
Carolina San Juan


Ang Palawan ayon kay Nanay Kuwago- PHP 250

Jane Timbancaya-Urbanek
Bernadette C. Solina

Translation basic English Phrases to Cuyonon

(First Edition 1999) – PHP 200

Jose T. Fernandez
Fe Tria Fernandez
Teresita F. Jardinico

T-SHIRTS:Palawan Shirts

1.) Palawan T-Shirts
a. Tagbanua & Palaw’an Script- Php 200
b. Assorted Palawan T-Shirts- Php 190


1.) Tingkop-Php 450/Big Ph350/Medium Php 275/Small

2.) Ingkop- Php 450/Big Ph350/Medium Php 275/Small


1. Fruit Tray- Php 700/SET
2. Gabang- Php 500/EACH
3. Frog- Php 1,000
4. Turtle- Php 750
5. Good Harvest- Php 500
6. Boat and Paddle- Php 400
7. Fish- Php 50 (SMALL)
8. Rainsticks- Php 200
9. Bracelets- Php 50
10.Postcards- Php 50

For inquiries, please call +6348- 433 2963.


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The Museum’s ethnological exhibits showcase cultural materials from the paraphernalia of a significant ritual like the Pagdiwata of the Tagbanua to ordinary tools, fishing and hunting equipment baskets, woven out of indigenous materials colored with natural dyes that retain their color even under the heat of the sun.

The Pagdiwata Ritual of the Tagbanua Group of People

Another featured sub-section is the part of the exhibit of Nicole Revel-Mcdonald at the Cultural Center of the Philippines titled Pananw Palawan. This exhibit focuses on the oral tradition of the Palaw’an highlighting various aspects of their cultural life.

 Palaw'an Literature